Hello, world, our core team is from Kharkiv

which is the second-largest city in Ukraine and is only 50 km away from the Russian border.
Our city is one of the most bombarded by Russian troops. We are victims of Russian aggression but we are strong in spirit and doing all that we can to support our country now. This is the darkest time for us and we ask you to stand with us.

We help Ukrainian refugees and defenders

How you can contribute?

Propose shelter or humanitarian aid

Millions of people lost their houses and have to migrate somewhere else. if you have a room, you can propose a temporary shelter for those who need it or send essential products, pharmacies, or other supplies.

Shop from webstore

We provide a unique collection of images that you can buy and get a high quality of images. This is not much what we can propose but this is to support us.

Spread the word

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How we help?

We are not the official charitable foundation. We are just a group of ordinary people who, against their will, got into the epicenter of the war. We began to help everyone who needs it from our environment. And very quickly, word of mouth brought to us a lot of people in need and those who want to help. So we started this project.

Offering accommodation
We gather offers and requests from around the world and match people. This is how Ukrainian refugees can find shelter for a while.
Donating money
Some people are far from us, they can find what they need but they don’t have funds for it. We review such cases and send funds for them when we can.
Find and deliver goods
We buy food, pharmacy, clothes, toys, rent houses for refugees. Also buy helmets, bulletproof vests, cars that can protect our defenders. Buy choosing a type of image or leave a comment for us on what you want to donate or you can choose a neutral image or don’t leave any comment, to let us choose on what to spend money.
Donate now to change life forever

Last news

Another ride to the front. Ще одна поїздка на фронт.

Helped: 229 TRO; SSO Kraken; Kholodny Yar, 93 OMB; scouts. What was provided: Mavic 3 drone (81,000 UAH); a car; a rangefinder; a lot of long-term storage food; elements of equipment (caps, T-shirts, summaries, plate...

The last week was tough in the Kharkiv region Останній тиждень був важким у Харківській області

The last week was tough in the Kharkiv region which forced us to proved a lot of small help for defenders, like car tires, sapper shovels, and a lot of other stuff. Also, we were...

Support for the unprotected group in the first place and more good things. Підтримка незахищеної групи в першу чергу і більше хороших речей.

Here is our report from the last week. Ось наш звіт за минулий тиждень. Thank you our partners for the collaboration that allows us to do these great things, especially Alona. Дякуємо нашим партнерам за...

The care for older generations

This week we provided mostly support for people who still stay in Kharkiv and lost the basic means of subsistence Also, provided a little protection equipment: