We Do What We Can And Hope On Better

We Are Just Ordinary People Who Are Facing The Biggest Challenge In Our Life

Our core team is from Kharkiv which is the second-largest city in Ukraine and is only 50 km away from the Russian border. Our city is one of the most bombarded by Russian troops. We are victims of Russian aggression but we are strong in spirit and doing all that we can to support our country now. This is the darkest time for us and we ask you to stand with us.

Meet The Team


Small People With Big Hearts

We are different with different stories but united by the same purpose - Save Ukraine! Do not hesitate to contact any of us or people who trust us, to get more details.

  • Vlad Maverick

    Team engine

  • Denis Mudrichenko

    Multitasking volunteer

  • Seghii Zavgorodko

    Logistic volunteer

  • Maxym Perepelytsia

    Multitasking volunteer

  • Olena Solonyna

    Social Media volunteer

  • Misha Solonyna

    Crypto expert

  • Viktor Grekov

    Multitasking volunteer

  • Nick Yurov

    Military volunteer

  • "I've got to know Vlad for many years, he is always so kind and ready to help, now we need to help him be a light for his fellow people and give our full support"



  • I know Vlad for many years and trust anything he does.



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