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Another ride to the front. Ще одна поїздка на фронт.

Helped: 229 TRO; SSO Kraken; Kholodny Yar, 93 OMB; scouts. What was provided: Mavic 3 drone (81,000 UAH); a car; a rangefinder; a lot of long-term storage food; elements of equipment (caps, T-shirts, summaries, plate...

The last week was tough in the Kharkiv region Останній тиждень був важким у Харківській області

The last week was tough in the Kharkiv region which forced us to proved a lot of small help for defenders, like car tires, sapper shovels, and a lot of other stuff. Also, we were...

Support for the unprotected group in the first place and more good things. Підтримка незахищеної групи в першу чергу і більше хороших речей.

Here is our report from the last week. Ось наш звіт за минулий тиждень. Thank you our partners for the collaboration that allows us to do these great things, especially Alona. Дякуємо нашим партнерам за...

The care for older generations

This week we provided mostly support for people who still stay in Kharkiv and lost the basic means of subsistence Also, provided a little protection equipment:

Another portion of supplies. Last week’s report.

We keep providing our small but regular help where we can. This week provided: – another 99 medical first aid kit;– construction glue;– gas heaters with balloons.

We launch our NFT collection

We launch a new way to support us, that will let you not only donate but also, potentially sell it with a better price letter, check out NFT collection at OpenSea.

Medical tactical first aid kit – 110

This week we passed 110 medical tactical first aid kits to the Kharkiv region and some other helpful stuff.

Work Does Not Stop

This week we bought two pickup trucks for our defenders, two drones, and five Wi-Fi routers with accumulators.It was also bought disposable tableware for 1200 servings of food.All this was handed over to the volunteers...

We continue to help.

Good day. Today sent sleeping bags and protective equipment for our defenders. Everything will be delivered as directed. Glory to Ukraine!!!

“Advanced cats”

Even before the start of the war, a cat from the yard of our volunteers gave birth to kittens .. In order not to leave them on the street, the guys organized a shelter for...