We want to introduce you to one generous person – Alexander Sereda.
Now he is a volunteer and makes a lot of efforts to help all those in need.
Before the war, he worked as an interior designer, and also engaged in the manufacture of individual designer kitchens, was fond of triathlons and led an active happy life. His volunteering started from the apartment house, the management company of the house, where many families lived, ceased to maintain houses since the beginning of the war. Residents were left without heat, problems with water began. Sasha contacted the right people, taking the information and taking over the provision of life at home. Thanks to him, the people in our house were able to survive the frost during the hour of the war. Also, he started providing neighbors with humanitarian aid who needed it.
But he did not stop there and continues to help further.
So, now he and his girlfriend have moved to a former operating cafe not far from home and bake bread, prepare about 500 set meals for all those in need, every day.
Distributed to those who take refuge at the Nauchna metro station, volunteers, police officers in the city of Kharkіv.
Friends, help reaches those in need.
Just look at those happy eyes of old people and children.
Today they are full thanks to like-minded people.
In order to continue in the same spirit, funds are needed to purchase products.
Don’t pass by.