Today we want to tell the story of one Kharkiv resident who, due to the war, lost everything at one moment and how he came to the point that he began to help people like him.

“My name is Sergey, I’m 36 years old.
Before the war, I was engaged in importing cars from USA,.
This was my main income.

I made plans for the future, aspired, developed, and just lived like an ordinary person.

But the war changed my life.
On the twenty-fourth of February, at five in the morning, I heard two loud explosions, I thought it was fireworks, but then the explosions continued and all my friends immediately started calling me, they
they said that they were bombing Kharkiv, the war began
I will remember this morning for the rest of my life.
Like most people from Ukraine, I lost my earnings.
But a few days later, spending constantly in a damp and cold basement , I realized that it was not safe to be in Kharkiv, and decided to leave the city.
When I left and found myself in a more or less safe place, friends from the territorial defense began to ask for help, we needed a car, but to my great regret, I did not have a free car.
A little later, after talking with the organizers of the “God Bless Ukraine” fund and my childhood friend, we decided to raise funds to buy a car, and after a couple of days, the required amount was ready.
Together we did it. I am very glad that we were able to help our defenders.
We talked with a friend and decided to continue helping people in need and defenders in this difficult period for the country.

This is how my volunteer work began.